From high school to university you will have to submit written works, these works will represent a large percentage of your grade for this reason must be prepared in the best way possible, make sure you have all the parts of a written work recommended for each type of text.

Doing written work will help you better understand the topics, increase your vocabulary and improve your communication skills. These works must be presented in all subjects, as general rules all must have:

A title according to the text

Parts of the written work delimited, that is well notice what is the introduction, the development and the conclusion.

Indicate the bibliography consulted.

Have appointments made according to APA standards (or the type of rules that your teacher tells you)

Correct writing

An excellent presentation, starting with an attractive cover with the data requested by the teacher.

At first it seems very complicated to do a written work and you do not know what to put, the words do not flow and the ideas vanish. But follow these instructions and each time you will perfect the presentation of your work.

How to make a job? Parts of a written work

Types of written work

The written works are usually divided into:

Literary: like poetry, the story, the novel, the theater or the essay.

Journalistic: as informative notes, reports, articles or chronicles.

Scientists: such as research or experimentation.

Instructions: like cooking recipes.

Academics: like those that are requested in the classes to develop skills in the student. Some are the summary, the synthesis, reviews or essays.

Parts of a written work

Each type of written work has specific parts, but it should be noted that the cover is a common element in all of them, along with the impeccable presentation of it; today it is very easy to have a cover that stands out: I recommend you download the website there you will find the perfect design to surprise your teacher. There are creative, formal, serious, fun designs.

These are the parts of a written work after the cover

Parts of a review

* Cover with the title of the written work, not the title of the book

* File of the book or article to review

* Author’s information


* Opinion on the book

Parts of an article

*Cover page




Parts of an essay

*Cover page


* Free development

* Conclusions

Parts of a monograph

*Cover page

* Introduction of the subject

* Development with scientific research techniques and opinions supported by adequate bibliography.

* Conclusions

*Bibliographic references

Other recommendations to write a correctly written work

* Use subtitles to make the written work easier to read.

* In a text written for the school it is only recommended to use two types of letters, one for headings and another for the body of the document.

* Try to use a normal line spacing, the one that comes predetermined in word or a maximum line spacing of 1.5

* Use short paragraphs, with maximum 9 lines where you talk about a single idea.

* At the beginning of each paragraph leaves a space or indentation to make your work look cleaner and better presented.

* Use images that complement the information.

* Each chapter begins on a separate sheet

* Do not forget to include the bibliography consulted.